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The Allure of French Museums

France houses a number of museums. Infact, these museums add to the historic and artistic wealth of France. The art museums are home to famous art pieces right from the Middle Ages to the pieces of today. Most of them are located in the beautiful capital city, Paris.

A trip to France always promises three things, the beautiful sights, the finest restaurants and the world-class art museums. The whole country is termed as a playground for artists. The art showcased in these museums is from different periods and they make you feel all the elements of freedom, fun, colors and beauty.

The Louvre Museum – This museum is considered to be the best art museum in the world and is housed in a royal palace. It was opened in 1793. This museum rose to greater heights of popularity after the DaVinci Code was released.

The admission to the museum is usually free only on the first Sunday of every month and it’s a wonderful sight to watch visitors rush in to enjoy the art.

It is home to the very famous Mona Lisa. But it offers a lot more than just the Mona Lisa. The Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities are showcased on the lower ground floor of the museum.

The Italian sculptures from the 16th to the 19th century, from all over the world are kept on the ground floor. The Winged Victory is one of the famous paintings showcased. The second floor has German, Dutch and Flemish paintings. Each floor of the Louvre museum is in itself a world class museum.

The Orsay Museum – This museum acts as a link between the Louvre and the Pompidou. It features the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Periods. The art pieces are showcased in all their glory and splendor and command respect from the viewers. The earliest art is featured in the ground floor at the Orsay.

Sculptures and works by Manet, Degas and many others are amongst the pieces of art in this museum. Paintings and sculptures by Seine, Lille Terraces and Rodin are exhibited in the middle levels. The upper level is where the art from the Post-Impressionism and Impressionism really shines. The whole experience is exciting and breath-taking.

The museum is open on all days except on Mondays.

The Pompidou Center – The Pompidou Center is the home for modern art. Just step into this museum and you will not want to walk out. From brightly colored pipes and tubes to its breath-taking ambience, this museum is a favorite with the tourists and the locals.

The exterior architecture just blows your mind away. The Museum of Modern Art is placed in the Pompidou. It also houses performance spaces and a public library. A modern art buff wouldn’t dare leave Paris without paying a visit to the Center Pompidou.

The works mostly portray the Surrealism and Dada movements. Jackson Pollack, Warhol, Miro, Picasso, Rothko and all the other modernist artists are featured in this museum. Marcel Duchamps is also one of the prominent artists featured here.

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