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10 Best Treks in Ladakh, India

Ladakh, the lost kingdom, has a charm to it that gets you smitten the moment you set foot on this land. Quaint villages, colorful nomads, rugged terrains overlooking majestic peaks of the Himalayas, green valleys and so much more- Ladakh is truly a destination of varied experiences. Talking of experiences, trekking in Ladakh is something you shouldn’t miss. Walking for miles amidst scenic locations and absolute serenity lets you have an intimate conversation with nature.

The best part is- Ladakh trekking does not have to be strenuous. There are a lot of trekking trails to choose from, each one offering a characteristic experience of its own. Here is a disputable list of 10 best treks in Ladakh. Take your pick, put your trekking shoes on and explore this enchanting destination.

Ripchar Valley Trek

If you are looking to explore the best of nature in Ladakh and aren’t looking for something strenuous, this trek is meant for you. The trek starts from Lamayuru Monastery and takes you through Ripchar Valley. It is an 8 day trek which takes you through several quaint villages of the valley, some hamlets and majestic mountain ranges in the background. The trek ends in Chilling, which is a beautiful village in Ladakh, also famous for its metalwork.

Best time to trek: July to August


Lamayuru to Alchi Trek

This is another leisurely trek which lets you take in the beauty of nature and hardly has any strenuous climbs to conquer. In fact, it could be safely be called the spiritual trek of Ladakh, since it takes you through various beautiful monasteries of Ladakh, including some really old ones. It is a 5 day trek which starts from Lamayuru Monastery. The trek takes you through Wanla monasteries and those of Mang Gyu, before culminating in Alchi Village, which has some really old monasteries too.

Best time to trek: June to October

Markha Valley trek

When looking for the best of Ladakh trekking experience, you just can’t miss out on a trek through Markha Valley. Markha Valley is a part of the Hemis National Park, which is home to several exotic animals, including the rare and majestic snow leopard. This 8 day trek starts from Spituk and takes you through several different landscapes and gorgeous locations, before ending at the relatively remote Shang Sumdo.

Best time to trek: September to December

Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri Climb

If you are looking for something little more strenuous, try climbing to the top of Stok Kangri. Stok Kangri is relatively the smaller of Ladakh peaks, with a height of approximately 6137 meters above sea level. However, the climb to the summit still packs quite a punch. There are easier stretches as well as the more difficult ones along the way, which keep the trek interesting. It is a 9 day long trek which ends at Stok village, and it can be quite tiring. However, the views you get from the summit make you forget all your pain and hardships.

Best time to trek: July to September

Kang Yatse Trek

If Stok Kangri trek is tough, the Kang Yatse trek is even tougher. The peak is a little higher than Stok Kangri, but what makes it a challenge is the trekking trail. There are two trekking routes to the top of Kang Yatse- one which is relatively easier than the other. But no matter which one you opt for, at the end of it, you will feel a sense of pride at having conquered one of nature’s challenges. It takes about 9 days to reach the summit.

Best time to trek: July to September

Frozen River Trek or Chaddar Trek

 If you have time on your hands and you are looking for the best adventure travel experience in Ladakh, frozen river trek is the one to choose. During winters, when the route from Kargil to Padum is closed due to snowfall, the frozen Zanskar River is the only possibility left. The sheet of ice covering Zanskar River is what gives this trek its name, which literally translates to ‘sheet’. This 20 day trek starts from Chilling and takes you through some surreal experiences which will leave you mesmerized.

Best time to trek: January to February

Sham Valley Trek

Here is another spiritual Ladakh trekking experience. This trek is not too strenuous and takes you through some of the most beautiful monasteries of Ladakh, including those of Thiksey, Spituk, Alchi and Lamayuru.

Best time to trek: June to October

Lamayuru to Darcha Trek

If you have time on your hands, but you are not looking for something too strenuous, you could take a trek from Lamayuru to Darcha. It is a 20 day long trek which starts from Lamayuru and takes you through some really gorgeous mountain passes and small villages before ending at Darcha. The trek is not too demanding, but is exciting nevertheless.

Best time to trek: July to September

Hemis to Tsomoriri Trek

 A part of the Changthang plateau, the highest plateau in the world, the trek from Hemis to Tsomoriri takes you through varied landscapes, streams of rivers and groups of nomads passing by. This 14 day long trek takes you through some really beautiful locations, including those of Lartse, Shang Sumdo, and Khar, which is a mystic location to explore.

Best time to trek: June to October

Lamayuru to Padum

Another really challenging Ladakh trekking experience is one from Lamayuru to Padum. It is a 13 day long trek which takes you through some remote villages, some really high mountain passes as well as several streams of rivers. You pass through some really challenging terrain on this trek. Thus, if you have fitness issues, it is best advised not to take this trek in Ladakh. For the fit out there, this experience could be an absolute delight.

Best time to trek: August and September

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