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Mobile Apps Every Backpacker Should Download

There are people who are endowed with skills of finding their way around an unchartered territory even without maps on their hands. Unfortunately, not everyone has this talent.

It is for this very reason that maps were invented. Some individuals, though, would find it rather embarrassing and trite to carry around large maps amidst strangers.

Luckily, constant innovations in mobile technology paved the way for several apps that can be downloaded and used by street wise travellers. It is hassling to ask around for directions, but not really when you do this with style – that is, getting route suggestions from a phone.

Smartphones can actually be utilized to be an ultimate travel gadget, as it allows the users to tap into all sources of information needed for the road. After all, the app market is swarming with travelling applications. Here are the top 10 apps named as the best by smart phone user communities.

Goggle Maps

This is probably the oldest but remains to be the most widely used app. It is available virtually in all smartphones and Web phones. Google Maps is efficient as it can display the users’ current location, and lays out direction on how they can get to their destination. It even gives suggestions for convenience stores, malls, pharmacies and hospitals along with directions.


TripIt is one of the many travel management apps that can help users keep track of vital travelling information such as hotel confirmation numbers and flight schedules. But this app is distinct as it is efficient in parsing confirmation e-mails sent by travel agencies, airlines and hotels. The data can be accessed even through simplest models of Android, iPhone and Blackberry. All it takes is to log on to


This app is a practically an upgraded version of TripIt. Its added features include notifications and updates in cases of flight delays. It can also feed information about the current status of flight gates, along with suggested alternative air travel when the user is about to miss the schedule. Be warned, though, that using this app takes a whole lot of process as it has the tendency to generate multiple duplicate itineraries. It is thus advisable for the users to simultaneously use TripIt and TripCase.


Most users claim that Kayak is the best travel booking application as it comes with all-encompassing features that are simple, easy and quick to use. It can be utilized to search for available flights, hotel vacancies, and amiable car rentals. It integrates meta search engine that fares  to websites of merchants and travel agencies.


An app tailored for a foodie traveller who wants to be updated on which restaurants serve the most scrumptious meals. Yelp has dominated various user-review sites as it has the capability to hunt for the best bistros in large American cities.


Sudden rains would never again hamper travels with this mobile weather app. It comes with platforms better than any other options. On top of basic weather forecasts, WeatherBug can do some impressive tricks such as integrating the contact list, and displaying the current whether of the users’ destination.


The ultimate bathroom locator will be right at the hands of mobile users. SitOrSquat is more than a fun fare as it integrates crowd sourced locator of johns in major cities in the US. Unfortunately, developers are yet to discover how it can be made to work overseas.

JiWire Wi-Fi Finder

Internet is one of the primary must-haves in travelling, especially for hands-on entrepreneurs. This app serves at the convenience of businessmen travelling abroad. All it takes is to tap on the icon and allow JiWire to hunt for the next puddle of Wi-Fi where users can huddle in.

Priceline Hotel Negotiator

Just as the name suggest, it allows users to book hotel suites at the last-minute with the most affordable rates. Though it can only work up until 11PM ET, it is still highly wanted by many travellers because of its sleek interface and amusing bidding capabilities.

Google SMS

Considering that many travellers are often stuck in areas where mobile devices practically don’t work, Google SMS could come to the rescue. Users would simply need to send an SMS containing search terms to 4665, and they would receive series of texts with search results.

Norris Lemuel Lasay is a writer, traveller and a mobile app fan. He travels a lot, often writes and gets himself updated on new, latest and updated mobile apps. He also manages this site that offers many broadband packages that you can save money from.

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  • Parker

    I love your site! These are some great apps! Trip-It is a favorite, but I’ve not used TripCase, but because of your review I’m downloading it. Really all your list is missing is a couple entertainment apps; the only thing I don’t love about travel is the actual traveling part; the wait at the gate, the layovers, the delays; all of it. To combat it I have my Kindle app on my iPad, which is awesome. But my all-time favorite app to combat travel-boredom has to be this remote access app I picked up through my job at Dish. With it I can watch live or recorded shows off my home receiver no matter where in the world I am as long as I get a 3G connection. It’s also great for relaxing at the end of the day.


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