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Foods you shouldn’t Miss in Greece

More than 16 million tourists from different parts of the world flock to Greece, which is greater than 10 million people visiting in US. Greece is known for an array for exotic beaches, a number of historical ruins including The Temple of Poseidon, Parthenon, and Acropolis along with the rich culture and good values. But one thing which keeps this country calling countless tourists around the world is number of irresistible Greek cuisines. These foods are often replicated in different five start hotels and restaurants all across the world. The below is the list of some of the most mouth watering foods available in Greece, which you shouldn’t be missing if you ever visit this place.


The origin of Moussaka is still not clear, with many people calling it a salad of Middle East, while others claim its source from a Mediterranean food. In fact, there is no perfect answer on its origin. Nevertheless, Moussaka is catered in Greece in the most creative fashion making it a popular food among the tourists. The main ingredients used to prepare Moussaka include meat, eggplant and potatoes. Though it resembles like lasagna, however, Moussaka is far better in taste that this dish. Moussaka is made up with three different layers which comprises of ingredients like vine ripened, eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, onions and spices. It is then topped with either béchamel sauce or egg custard.


These are dumplings found among the people of Greece. It is prepared from dough which has a proper ball shape and is deep fried till the color at the outer side turns out to be golden brown while it remains fluffy and soft inside. The moment it is cooked, the fried dough is stifled with some icing sugar or these are drizzled with some honey and are catered with some yogurt. The Loukoumades are considered as the famous street foods which could be found at all the sweet shops and restaurants.

Greek Salad

These are made up of ingredients like Feta cheese, tomatoes, fresh cucumber, pepper, olives, and a pinch of salt. However, there are several restaurants that give a new shape to this deli by adding up things like lemon juice, capers or parsley. The Greek salad is considered to be a light dish and considered as a seasonal food. They are irresistible in taste and would certainly keep you craving to have another.


This is among the most heart friendly cuisines found in Greece. It is counted among the national food of the country. It is prepared from all the healthy ingredients which include carrots, onions, olive oil, celery, bay leaf, parsley, leaf, plum tomatoes, and a wide range of vegetables. It is an ideal dish during the winter season and generally served with the popular crusty bread found in Greece.


It is also known as Strapatso. This Grecian food is famous for being very tasty and for being prepared from some of the most economical ingredients. You can have this dish as a light food or snack. The method of preparing Strapatsada is very simply, wherein you require some chopped tomatoes which are put over the heated olive oil in a fry pan which follows adding up the eggs. It is then mixed slowly till it turns out pretty thick. You can have the option of having it hot or cold along with feta cheese and herbs.

So once you visit Greece, don’t forget to taste these famous foods as discussed above. They are both very tasty and nutritious as well. So enjoy them having one or all.

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