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Island Hop round the Balearics: Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca

Backpacking is often looked upon as a long tenure, something that should last multiple months or years, and unfortunately this puts some off the idea of backpacking. However career breaks or gap years are not needed to get the most of backpacking! Get the bug for backpacking with a shorter trip, find out what makes you tick and your travelling habits before you make the step to a bigger commitment. One of the best places to start is with a shortly packed group of Islands, step forward the Balearic Islands of Spain…

The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands sit leisurely off the east coast of Spain, with a central location in the Mediterranean. The group of three Islands are amongst the most visited in Europe, but don’t let that put you off. Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca combine to create an inviting mix for backpackers. Spend hedonistic nights and relaxing days in the world renowned Ibiza, explore the natural beauty of Majorca and traditional Balearic culture in Menorca.

Land and Play in Majorca

Majorca’s Palma airport can be reached within three hours from every major airport in Europe, so is the perfect point to start a trip around the Balearics. Palma is the cosmopolitan capital of the Island and despite a turbulent past has grown to offer visitors an interesting look at modern Majorcan life. Backpackers should look to move north to get the best of Majorca, with the dominating Tramuntana Mountains a natural playground and showcase of Majorca’s natural beauty. An ideal base for those that want a vibrant location is Alcudia, the north west town has a plethora of bars and clubs and plenty of cheap accommodation.

The Tramuntana Mountains span the complete northern region of Majorca and are of significant cultural and natural significance to the Island of Majorca. The mountains are frequented throughout the year for those that want adventure, including professional cycling teams such as Team Sky. Backpackers can explore the best of the north on two wheels or two feet, with dedicated network and cycle trails making the mountains easy to navigate.  There is a myriad of small rural towns to explore, as well as coastal beaches.

Must Visit - Highly recommended is Sa Colobra beach, the beach is only accessible via a tunnel that has been carved into a boulder near the beach making it a secret to many tourists. With high coastline either sides of the secluded bay every sounds is amplified and there is a lively atmosphere during the summer.

Rave and Misbehave in Ibiza

Hedonistic days and nights are guaranteed in the clubbing capital of Europe. The eternal isle is a selection box of world class night clubs, arenas of dance and beach side bars for backpackers. Join fellow backpackers, dance enthusiasts and of course the world’s best DJ’s for the biggest summer parties. David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Skrillex are summer residents, playing to the masses with their own residencies. Ibiza Rocks is another stand out in Ibiza. The hotel come gig come rave is up there with the most unique hotels in the world, allowing guests to watch gigs from their hotel balconies and live the rock star lifestyle under the Balearic sunshine.

The Island is not all raving though. There is the chance to kick back and relax in Ibiza, and the chance to work off that hangover in of the world’s most beautiful locations. Café del mar plays melodic house music, whilst visitors sip on cocktails and watch the sunset or sunrise.

Top Tip – The opening and closing parties are some of the biggest in Ibiza but tend to cost less. Visit in these months and soak up the party atmosphere with minimum fuss.

Finish it Off and Soak Up the Balearic Life in Menorca

Probably the most tranquil of the Balearic Islands and happy to take that role of quiet little brother is Menorca. Secluded coves and tranquil seas surround the coast, whilst inland you can sample the appealing rural Balearic life for less than it would cost in the more tourist concentrated Majorca and Ibiza. For a taste of the rural life head inland to Biniancolla, here you will find a selection of small cafes and bars for excellent food and a chilled time.

However if you do want a little more excitement head to one of the bigger coastal towns or resorts on the western coast.  Cala Blanca and Cala’n Bosch retain their Menorcan charm but have grown to offer a mix of modern attractions. Skim the turquoise waters on a jet ski or paraglide for amazing views of the Balearics. A great way to end a trip around these endearing and exciting Islands.

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