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5 Useful Mobile Apps if You Travel for Business


Time is gold. With this in mind, long hours of travelling with nothing else do to and all the files are left on your desk is a complete drag and hassle. Of course, it would also be a total inconvenience to bring all the documents and pack every task you need to do. Why not leave your stuff behind and travel with your smartphone having these 5 must have mobile apps listed below.

But before we jump into those amazing apps, let’s learn some truths about gazillion apps out there that are posing to be useful and travel friendly only to find out in the end that users are not satisfied with them. Most business travel apps are flawed and untrusted. Often you will find apps which are falsely rated online giving people inaccurate and fabricated reviews for the sake of selling a particular app. And with the emergence of jailbreakers, consumers are losing their grip to trust apps that are produced of high quality. With this, when looking for a really useful business travel app, education is the first step. Recognize apps that are being presented accurately and be aware of reviews that seemed to be odd. And with the jailbreakers and hackers around, learning how to gauge a legit app from not is relatively crucial.

TripIt—lets you stay organized

Not having your secretary with you on the travel? Don’t worry; you can still keep yourself and flights organized by using TripIt. This app arranges and organizes your travel details in one clear itinerary. And although you already have placed your travel arrangements on multiple websites, TripIt will help you keep on track providing the sequence of your upcoming travels. Plus, not only your plane tickets are well taken care of by this app; even hotel reservations, car rentals, meal schedule, restaurant reservations, theatre tickets, and mapping can be saved under a single app. This free app is compatible with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows.

Wi-Fi Finder—stays you online with your business buddies

Seriously, who would ever want to cut the connection with your business pals and dealers even just 30 minutes? I hear no one. In this case, every online marketer is in dire need of a Wi-Fi Finder. Having no time to inquire and every person you meet where you can get a decent Wi-Fi spot, this app is a sure win. With just a few tap, you can stay in touch with your business updates and transactions anytime, anywhere. Wi-Fi Finder is free and is compatible with Android and iPhone.

Skype Mobile—keeps in touch anytime for free

Being a busy business person, you need to stay in touch and give directions to your business buddies anytime. There might have no phone booth just within your vicinity, but if you have Skype Mobile with you, free video calls are just sitting around in your pocket. Skype Mobile is free and you can use it with Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry.

Dropbox—holds large files your mobile phone

For most businessmen, less clutter is better. Smaller luggage means flexible schedule and less hassles. If you have files left in your office computer, simply call your secretaries to link your files to your Dropbox and everything will be put into place. No need to bring flash drives and other individual storage devices. With Dropbox, your needed files will be shared instantaneously without any hassles and you can get them with every time it’s required.

Google Map—gives you directions whenever you need them

Wandering around in new place will sure to get you stuck on traffic. After all, you don’t want to trust anyone on your first day right? With Google Map, you can have a respectable, decent, and accurate mapping to everywhere you’re headed to. Together with the GPS-enabled directional tool in your mobile, you will never be worried to be lost in a place where there no one else whom you can trust.

Of course there are a lot more useful apps out there that you need when you’re far away from the office such as, TripAdvisor’s app, Reuters, FlightStats, and TaxiMagic. But these five apps that are listed are the most important. Make sure to have them before the plane starts taxiing.

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