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Let Your Stomach Decide

If you are looking for a deliciously different holiday destination, then you are probably thinking with your stomach. If the world is your oyster (or other favourite shellfish) then here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing…

Japan – the home of all things raw and beautifully presented, Japan constitutes an incredible cultural experience for westerners, especially when you venture off the beaten track. Imagine having to point to a photo in a menu and cross your fingers, or even just put yourselves at the mercy of the restaurant and eat whatever you’re given!

North Africa – stunning weather, outstanding natural beauty and a mix of spice infused flavours like nothing else; travel with Explora Morocco and get to know this exquisite cuisine. Discover authentic tagine dishes and even give the local wines a try – you will be pleasantly surprised.

England – (yes, England). The UK has been on the receiving end of derogatory remarks about their national dishes and cooking abilities for far too long. England boasts a host of the worlds most famous chefs, exclusive restaurants and some of the most sought after ingredients too. OK so it’s not a holiday where you can experience dare devil stuff like Surfing in Morocco from Explora Morocco but you could discover areas of outstanding national interest and cultural significance right on your own doorstep.

North America – contrary to popular belief it is not all about burger and fries. Yes, feeding obesity seems to be a national pastime – literally – but actually, if you know where to look there are some delightful dishes to discover in the good old US of A. New York offers the best of the best of the rest of the world – what you can’t find well cooked here really isn’t worth eating, and Los Angeles brings us some of the most innovative and up to date health food around. Stop off at a few strategic foodie-points along the way across the Deep South and Mid West and you’ve got yourself a culinary tour!

Wherever your stomach takes you next try to immerse yourself in everything the local culture has on offer to eat and enjoy a genuinely, gastronomically authentic trip.

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