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Six of the Best Dive Sites in Africa


It is well known that Africa offers some of the best Dive sites in the world. With the summer months fast approaching us, why not make the most of the hot sun and go diving this summer. Diving is something which is out of the ordinary and is guaranteed to bring adventure to the hearts of many. Holidays to Africa can be booked today with,

Sodwana Bay, South Africa

Offering a vast array of diving options Sodwana is the place to be for some spectacular diving action. Travel to the seven mile reef, notable for its endless beauty and diverse variety of fish and ocean scenery. Dive below the waves to see a green coral tree surrounded by clouds of goldfish. The immaculate reef is home to such treasures as rays, turtles, schools of snapper and kingfish, black-tip sharks and the rare paper fish. If you take a boat trip to the reef you may also be treated to sightings of whale sharks and pods of dolphins.

Ras Mohammed, The Red Sea

In the deep blue waters that meet the desert of Ras Mohammed lies one of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world.  Shark and Jolanda reefs at the southern end are the most famous and best sites.  There are strong currents so it’s important to have a lot of experience behind you as you observe the vibrancy of the colourful life dwelling on the reef.  Whilst diving the seaward sides, you may catch sightings of big pelagics, sharks and massive shoals of snappers and batfish.

Manta Reef, Mozambique

On a stretch of Mozambique’s coastline tenderly referred to as the manta coast, Manta Reef is the most prominent site around and for good reason too.  Visibility is normally very good in the warm water with most dives taken at a depth of 25 metres. While there are an array of colourful fish and other sea creatures it is the manta rays that are the true spectacle. Circling around Manta Canyon parasites are nibbled off these graceful creatures by cleaner fish, who are always happy to help.

 Thistlegorm Wreck, near to Sha’ab Ali Reef, Red Sea

 Lying upright in 30 metres of water off the Sinai Peninsula sits the SS Thistlegorm; a British Merchant navy ship that was sunk by the Germans in 1941. Explore the old wreck’s cargo hold with its BSA motorcycles, ammo and rifles and Bedford trucks. There is something distinctly eerie about this experience as it is the site where nine sailors lost their lives.

Aliwal Shoal, south of Durban, South Africa

For an action packed dive like no other Aliwal Shoal is the place to be. Over the year all number of sharks congregate off the coast, from ragged-tooth sharks to hammerheads. This dive can be quite the adventure.

Justin’s Caves, South Africa

Found in Cape Town, Justin’s Caves are set to be as soothing an experience as the cool waters of the Atlantic. This relaxing dive will have you wishing never to bob back up to the surface. The soft but vibrant colours of the coral are complemented by many caves to explore and fur seals will often grace a visiting diver with their presence, swimming right up to you before speeding away into the ocean blue.

About The Author: This article was brought to you by John-James Grice. John-James is a keen travel enthusiast and loves to explore the many wonders of this world. Africa is a continent full of adventure, and is one he has visited several times

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