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Zorbing for English Adrenaline Junkies

Ever thought of forgetting about all your worries and just rolling down a hill? Zorbing has gained popularity in the recent years—you basically get into a transparent plastic orb and roll down a gentle slope. But even the gentlest of activities can result in a rush of adrenaline through your body. That tingling feeling in your spine as your head, heart, and chest feel like it’s contracting. That increased heartbeat as the blood blasts through your veins. It becomes an experience that is embedded into our temporal lobes—a moment we can’t forget.

Amongst England’s boating, cycling, skating, and rock climbing activities, you’ll find zorbing slopes spread throughout the adventure-craving country. Harness zorbing is for two people on a dry slope. Hydro zorbing is for one or two people accompanied with litres of water downhill while slipping and sliding. Here are a few exciting zorbing slopes you’ll find in England.

Pod London

Pod London is the most well-known zorbing venue based within London on the M25, only half an hour from London Bridge and Victoria alongside London’s finest hotels. The venue is located in an attractive environment perfect for your family photo albums.

Address: Salmons Lane, Whyteleafe, Surrey, CR3 0HB
Telephone: 0845 430 3322

Zorbing South

Zorbing South is an experienced venue that provides both harness and hydro zorbing. Having hundreds of thousands of customers in the past 12 years, Zorbing South holds a 100% safety record. Enjoy the ultimate zorbing experience with the UK’s fastest and longest landscaped run ranging about 200 meters from launch to landing point.

Why not go on and have a nice lunch at their restaurant, or get take way to explore the picturesque forest walks with Jurassic coasts after your activity? Zorbing South undoubtably provides the ultimate Dorset zorbing experience!

Address: Pine Lodge Farm Ilsington Road Bockhampton, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8QN
Telephone: 0844 809 4007 or 0709 212 1270

The Activity People

Along with an exciting zorbing experience, The Activity People provide paintball, karting, clay shooting, and quad biking. The package includes free parking, lockers, changing rooms, toilets and refreshments. Locations are spread out through Dorset, Devon, Warwick, Nottingham, and Leeds.

Address: The Activity People Ltd, Activity Hq, Raglan House, Raglan Street, Harrogate, HG1 1LE, United Kingdom
Telephone: 0844 745 5005

The North East Outdoor Centre

Zorbing was meant to be an experience, and the County Durham Zorbing Arena does it right! Easy to reach from Newcastle, the hill provides a crazy that simply cannot be missed. They describe zorbing as “a bungee jump & rollercoaster ride mixed into one adrenaline-packed journey.” Whatever you decide, it promises to deliver!

Prices start at £15 per person for one roll and £39 for two people for two rolls—one forward one backwards.

Address: Castlewood Farm Helme Park Tow Law Co. Durham, DL13 4NN
Telephone: 0800 028 0404

Author Bio: Sohaib Siddique is passionate about experience and adventure travel and works as a freelance writer. When he isn’t around and about, you’ll find him pushing the limits on his bike or stuffing his face with his food obsession.

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