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Camping and Backpacking Across Europe

If you are a backpacker, and you like to travel fast and light, you will know that some of the world’s best campsites are in Europe. Sling on a backpack, and hike along trails that have already been established and you will find yourself in a good European campsite. When you backpack you get to see a country beyond any other tourists will see.

Before you start you would do well to consider these tips.

Buy your gear in Europe

In Europe, backpacking and camping is very popular. There are many outlets where you can find the gear you are looking for. The advantage here is you don’t have to deal with baggage checks or run the risk of the airline misplacing your baggage. Since camping gear can weigh quite a bit, if you buy it in Europe you won’t incur any expenses like airline charges for extra baggage over and above what the airline is offering. But before you leave make a list of the equipment you will buy on reaching there, and find a place to buy it from.

Consider your camping options

If you are traveling alone, with friends or with any participants in an organized backpacking or camping tour then you camping style will vary. Some backpackers make their way to favored spots like the Swiss Alps or France’s Loire river. From there they go on to other backpacking or camping sites. Others make new camps everyday. Some campers like to stay in rustic sites, others cannot do without modern amenities like hot water, prepared food, camping pods or a general store. It all depends on what you want from your camping trip.

Get information on the country you are visiting

Try to collect as much information on the country you are visiting. Many counties have unique customs and practices. You don’t want to be offending any one. English is widely spoken in most countries, but if possible get your hands on a phrase book and practice common phrases like for direction, food and sleep. On the internet you can even find campsites where English is spoken.

Purchase maps and other travel aids

Believe me, you don’t want to get lost in a strange country. Sure, you will find your footing soon enough, but your plans may go haywire. When you purchase easy to understand and detailed maps you don’t have to worry about where you want to go and how to get there. Get maps of the area you are considering visiting. Make a list of the things you want to see there. This will save you valuable time.

Consider climate

Europe have a diverse climate. If you are planning to visit Spain you will need light gear and clothing, if you are visiting an alpine place pack some thermals. The weather varies between these extremes and you have to pack for both and learn to adjust yourself as the climate demands. On camping grounds, camping pods by a quality camping pod manufacturer will help you keep the elements out.

Pack food and other nutrition

There may be an occasion where you may not have access to food. To prepare for such situations you have to carry food. Dehydrated food is both light and doesn’t take up much space. Water will be available everywhere but make sure that you carry some water purification tablets. Keep a supply of trail mix and energy bars to account for emergencies.

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  • Graefyl

    Good advice Nara. It’d probably apply to most places. Especially about buying camping gear there, unless you’re travelling ultralight, it would save a lot of hassle. Might even be able to sell it on to someone else just before leaving.


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