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For the Traveler: Managing Money Made Easier

How hard it is to hold on to your purse strings and still make the most of the thrills that traveling offers? Very;if you are a seasoned traveler you would know how bank notes slip like sly thieves right before your eyes. This makes managing money, crucial to your travel plans. Here are a few tips that help you do just that:

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Arm yourself with a debit card

The ATM, is the most convenient way to access money especially when you are traveling. Ensure that you have a debit card that you’ve used before. Verify that the expiry date is not anytime before you leave. The card cannot be of much use if you forget the PIN; cross-confirm it. Also, it is likely that the ATMs overseas , may not have an alpha-numeric keyboard. So make sure the PIN is only a combination of numerals.

Transferring money online

Transferring money online is both  hassle-free and inexpensive, so ascertain whether your bank supports this. Get your user credentials-password and user name, and verify it before you leave.

These credentials have to be noted down in a safe and convenient place. Don’t save them in your email account, it can be hacked easily.

Give a serious thought to internet security. Be cautious about  keyboard logging software in public computers that are designed to capture your passwords. Use only the virtual keyboard to enter your password by mouse-click. Try to use only your personal computer and USB stick.

Make sure you can also transfer money by phone

Despite the advantages of online transfers, you would do well to have an alternative. Make sure you are aware of phone banking services and have noted the phone number to dial. Run a trial and note the answers to the typical security questions, this could save you time when you actually need to avail the service.

Choose your bank with care

Make sure you’ve  deposited your money in a reputed financial  institution. Choosing a global bank with worldwide branches could serve your purpose well.

A credit card to fall back on

Unwelcome surprises cans spring in from somewhere and  spell trouble, so you need to have something that supports you through it. This makes it inevitable that you carry at least one credit card. Tuck it away in a separate wallet and use it in case the need arises.

Travelers checks

You may not be able to use credit cards in remote areas, in which cases travelers checks  would be the best back-up idea. But as they are generally expensive, use them only in emergencies.

Be on the vigil to save your money

Avoid changing large chunks of money at a high street bank  that offer poor exchange rates and at the airport where you are nearly fleeced by commissions.

When you are traveling between countries , bank fees could become a major concern. Choose a money exchange service that is transparent about its fees.

Managing money might seem hard at first, but when mastered, it leaves you time for those priceless moments of joy that only traveling can bring.

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