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The Best Sailing Adventures

As an experienced sailor, you are probably looking to have some adventure sailing on your boat. You have all the necessary certifications and have been sailing for years but you don’t know about the most interesting places on Earth where you can sail? Not to worry, professional sailors around the world recommend a few places over and over again and promise that there are lot of adventures to be had at these locations. Sailing around most of these locations is quite affordable and some of these locations are truly unique.


Zanzibar is located off the coast of Tanzania, in the Indian Ocean. Sailors have mentioned many times that the journey to this country often takes them back in time. As you are sailing to Zanzibar; you will be able to imagine the erstwhile kingdoms of Persia, the sultans of Oman and music and perfumes of India. All ships arrive at the ancient Stone Town, which is one of the most beautiful locations in Africa. You can sail around in the clear turquoise waters off the coast of the town and visit the idyllic beaches on the Spice Island. Most visitors use the traditional dhow to explore the islands and waters off the coast where there are some exceptional snorkelling and diving sites. Famous people like Freddie Mercury have been lured by Zanzibar.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador are an explorer’s dream come true. This is where you can see Darwin’s theory of evolution on display. No other place on earth has the ecological diversity or landscape that these islands boast of. Instead of travelling all the way to these islands by boat, most sailors reach these islands by flight and then rent boats to sail around the island for a week or two. There are sailing yachts and motor boats available and you can leisurely cruise around the island and explore its unique flora and fauna. During the daytime, you can interact with animals like Iguanas, Tortoises, Sea-lions, etc.


Croatia is fast becoming the new travel destination and is often referred to as the “new Riviera”, “new Tuscany” or the “new Greek Islands” by sailors. The brilliantly blue Adriatic Sea offers breath-taking views and adventurous sailors have more than a thousand islands to choose from if they feel like exploring the waters. Sailing is the best way to explore the vast coastline that this country offers. Although Hvar is the most popular docking spot, intrepid seamen can visit ancient fishing villages and remote islands like Elafiti and Kornati. Sailors also recommend that you visit cities like Dudrovnik and Split.

French Polynesia and Tahiti

What is more exotic or tropical than the French Polynesian islands? They evoke images of lush tropical hillsides and white sandy beaches. You can sail to and explore more than hundred tiny islands around the French Polynesia and interact with the locals. These islands are spread over an area measuring over 2000 square miles. As a result, you have a lot of opportunities to sail across azure waters in sunny weather.

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