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Saving Money While Backpacking

Backpacking is really just a way to travel without spending too much and using it wisely. You don’t necessary have to be extremely cheap, but just watch what you spend and where you spend it. I don’t know about you, but I rather spend my money towards activities and fun doings rather then food. So here are a quick few travel tips I learned in how to save money while backpacking.


Never stay in a hotel, unless you really have to. It’s really just against the whole backpacking method. Why backpack and stay in expenses hotels, when you can save so much more money on other things and meet other backpackers? Hostels aren’t only cheap; they are safe, and fun. Another way to save money in staying at a hostel and staying in a dorm, not a single room. Single rooms are generally more costly.

Avoid luxurious tours

Many new backpackers start off with an expensive tour. Now they can be a great idea if you choose the correct tour such as Gap Adventures. But traveling to exotic countries with so many resources to travel independently, it really is just a waste of money. Yes, you might feel more comfortable, safe, and with no worries, but really you don’t meet as many backpackers who share the same love for traveling as you do.


Every country is different with cultures and traditions and there are many approaches in how to achieve the correct price on an item. First figure out and understand how the pricing works in the country. Next always think of the best price in your head and never assume that there is a flat rate. Play with the price a little, make a judgment, and feel confident about the price your are offering.


From going to a museum to sky-diving. Find out the cheapest route to purchasing the tickets. Use your student card, passport, or even try to pass as a local. Every method in trying to save a dime is always what backpackers are looking for.


Airfares aren’t always cheap and there is always a large gap in prices. Make sure you do your research, look online, go to a travel agent, book ahead, and even try booking in the middle of the night. I find most of the time the prices go down 20-30% due to it being in the middle of the night.

Now these are only a few quick tips in how to save money. Once you start backpacking often you realize there are small ways in how to save a penny here and there. Trust me you will get the hang of finding routes to save money.


Traveling with cash is easy and easy to lose. Think about your options, like consider using an international bank. There are a few banks that you can use without paying lots withdrawal fees. Also, consider your safety. Using international banking is the safest and easiest way to keep track of your funds.

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  • Ida Bartosova

    Great article. I really like your blog and I´m glad I found it. It´s full of useful travel experience, filled with lots of interesting information. I just finished my master´s degree and I too want to travel before I start with the normal life filled with work and bills. You know, to experience life more and stuff. I have only small travel experience, all I know is from some trips I made with friends, or when I participated in a student exchange. But I hope to learn more soon. And you are right, staying in a hotel is unnecessary. Hostels are much better. I’ve never tried couch-surfing, but maybe I should start soon. I decided my first big stop would be Canada as I’ve always wanted to go there. So far now I only found information about how to get around in the cities as this one. using passes and cards. However, I often came across the problem that my ISIC card wasn’t accepted abroad. But, thank you for sharing travel tips with us. I´m sure your blog will help me greatly, so when I go back I won´t be completely broke.


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