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Fishing as a Sport

Fishing has actively evolved especially in the coastal regions. Today, fishing has two basic purposes for the mankind namely a business venture and as a recreational activity. Most people wish to make money out of fishing and for them fishing is their bread and butter. While there are others who go fishing every weekend or holidays and choose a destination for it specially. This is the recreational side of the activity. Both are growing equally and today fishing as a sport has become a business for many. People are making profits from others recreation. A look into this activity would give a better insight on whatever has been said till now.

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A history of fishing as a sport gives out that this sport attained its popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries. A study ascertains that a book was released during the same period, which sold in volumes that talked of fish folklore and songs and poems about fishing. This increased the level of interest in fishing among the people.

There is no evidence of where and how did recreational fishing originate from, but people believe it must have been started by the English around the year 1066. The Compleat Angler was the book that made fishing as a sport popular and it was this book’s arrival that got this sport into action. But there is no evidence of where and how did fishing as a sport exactly starts.

There is another form of fishing as a sport which is called Big-game fishing, which came into being when the motor boats were invented. It was pioneered by Dr. Charles Frederick Holder, who happened to be a Marine Biologist. He also published many articles and books that talked of this activity that’s called fishing as a sport.

Fishing as a sport is very much area dependent sport. The way an Englishman would fish would totally differ from the way Americans would fish. Again, it also depends on the kind of personality fishing and the kind of species that are being fished. For example, in Britain fly fishing is a very famous style of fishing that has been adopted by the high flying people of Britain. This art would definitely differ from the way Miami people fish for Tuna and Americans fish for Shark. There is also this art of Big game fishing, which is completely different from both these styles. Normally, people used to kill the fish they used to carry but due to the changed rules of government that no longer happens.

Even the personality of the person indulging in fishing would decide the kind of fishing that is at hand. Also, the species are different in different areas. Like salt water would contain fishes like Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish, Mackerj, Shark and Tarpon while the freshwaters would contain snook, Salmon, Trout, Pike, Catfish, Redfish, Walleye and Muskellunge. Perch and Sunfish are varieties of pan fish and they are called so as they fit an entire pan.

Some of the major techniques included in fishing as a sport are hand gathering, netting, angling, trapping and spearfishing. The basic elements used by fishers would be a rod and a line with a hook at the end. The rod could be with a reel so that the line of the rod is reeled in or some other kind of bait is used so that the fish can be enticed towards the hook and people can catch it.

A special form of this kind of rod fishing is the fly fishing in, which the rod has a reel attached to its back and there are heavy and complex lines along it. There is a continuous whipping kind of motion which allows the fish to the hook.

The other common kind of sport fishing technique would be the bowfishing that uses the bow. There is also an arrow involved in this form of fishing which is made out of the bolt which has barbs at its end. This is then attached to the fishing line to allure the fish to the hook. Fishing as a recreational activity is used to spend more time with friends and family. So, do try this sport when you get a chance.

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