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Top 10 Cities to Visit In 2013

We have put together a list of top 10 cities to visit in the next year. The list included cities from all over the world and if you haven’t visited the cities that are in this list already then make sure you visit at least some of them when you travel in 2013.

A lot of though could be found in the list and it is generally based on the traveler’s feed backs we have received.

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1.   New York, USA

The American city was among the most visited in 2012 and by all estimates will remain a popular tourist destination in 2013.  The Big Apple is the global center for trade and finance and art. New York is known for its diversity and you are bound to run into people from all over the world as immigrants from over 180 countries have turned the city into their home.

From the Statue of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge New York as iconic landmarks all over the city. It’s a must visit city by all accounts.

2. London

London is the most visited city in the world in the present scenario with tourists pouring in from every part of the planet.

The city is known for its Victorian architecture and its majestic history. London has many tourist attractions such as the Albert Memorial, Royal Albert Hall, Tower Of London, Kensington Palace and Westminster Abbey among many others.

3. Amsterdam

The capital city of the Netherlands takes the third spot on our list.

Despite the laws on cannabis being lenient there we would not advice you to try to miss the main tourist attractions of the city which includes the Van Gogh Museum, Albert Cuyp Market, and the Anne Frank House.

4. Paris

The fashion capital of the world was among the most popular destination of 2012 for tourists. The city is known for its art museums such as The Louvre and the Picasso Museum as well as the Eiffel Tower.

The city also has a thriving night life with excellent clubs and you are highly recommended to give it a try.


5. Beijing

The capital city of the most populous nation in the world is rapidly attracting more and more tourists; it’s an experience like no other. The city’s history and culture could be experienced by visiting its Museums and galleries.

6. Bangkok

The Thai capital with busy marketplaces, temples and canals has made our list because of it’s growing recognition as a flourishing tourist spot.

Bangkok is known as Asia’s most compositional city but at the same time one can experience the spiritual side of the city by visiting over half a dozen of its popular temples.

7. Istanbul

The fact that the city has witnessed history in the making is clear as first make your way outside of the airport. The city’s architecture is stunning. Among many other attractions of the city are the Turkish Bath, known as the Hamams , and the Hookas knows as Nargile.

Don’t miss the Theodosian Walls Walk made by Constantine in 408 AD, if you are present in the city.

8. Dubai

The shopping capital of the Middle East is was the region’s most visited city in 2012. All though Dubai is developing at the speed of light there is much which is watch out when you have done marveling at the modern Dubai.  From the medieval Jumeirah Mosque, the Dubai Museum to Al Ahmadiya School – Dubai’s first school takes you back in time in the history if Dubai,

Dubai has many places of interest if you are a shopaholic so be sure to check them out.

9. Rome

They say Rome wasn’t built-in a day. And boy is it true; you need to stay for a few days to fully see the eternal city in all its beauty.

It seems like a landmark at every corner when you are in Rome and make sure to read up on some of its history to be able to fully enjoy the marvels of the city.

10. Varanasi, India

And on the last spot on this list is the Indian holy city of Varanasi.

Known as the City of Temples, visiting Varanasi will make you feel like no other Indian cities… or any other city in the world. Its temples and its narrow streets will make you will like you are finally taking a stroll after having run all your life. For shoppers Varanasi has one of the finest Indian silk markets be ready to negotiate.

While traveling in the city make sure not to get involved with religious con artists instead try to visit temples and take the holly baths on your own.

So there you have it!, all the cities you need to travel in the next year. Hopefully you have enjoyed reading the list as much as we had fun compiling it. And If you’re looking for Conference hall in Gurgaon check out you’re sure to find the best conference room for your business meet.


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  • Sofie

    Already done New York (loved it), London (5 times, looove it), Paris (going again in two weeks) and Amsterdam (nice for just a day or a (long) weekend).
    Would like to do Rome next year or the year after.
    Then I still have five to go:-)


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