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Bass Fishing in Miami

Miami is the land of rejuvenation, the land of freedom and joy, the land of escapism from reality, the land of holidays to sum it all. Miami is the most desired vacation for all men folk when they really need a break from routine monotonous life.

Fishing is not only followed as an occupation in Miami but is now followed as a sporting activity as well. It is mostly the recreational cum adventurous sporting activity for residents and tourists of Miami. What was just a normal sport in the initial stages is now a million dollar industry. The sport has developed tremendously and uses all kinds of fishing gear like rods, reels, lures, lines and instruments that help find the fishes in the sea. While in Miami it would indeed be a sin not participate in the most sought after sport fishing. If you don’t go fishing in Miami your journey to Miami is said to be incomplete. There are various kinds of fishing that has been talked about at lengths and one such type of fishing is the bass fishing. It is indeed a very famous kind of fishing activity across North America and the most sought after sport in Miami.

Let us begin by understanding what exactly is a Bass Fish?  Bass fish is basically any kind of game fish obtained in either fresh water or Marine lands. They belong to the larger format species that are called Perciformes or Perch like Fish species. The word bass originates from the word bars, which in Middle English language means perch. There are basically two kinds of bass fish, one the temperate bass fish and the other the black bass fish. The temperate bass fish include striped bass and white bass while the black bass includes the largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth and Guadalupe bass.

Now that we know what is bass fish it is time to understand what exactly does bass fishing mean?  Bass fishing is referred to the activity of game fishing using the angling method to catch black bass fish. The hook and line method of fishing where the hook is attached to the fishing line, which is thereby attached to the rod is called angling method of fishing and is mostly used for fishing.

There are special bass boats and float tubes that have been created to help catch for bass fish.

There are various fishing tips available for the various bass fish. One such variety of bass fish is the Peacock fish. Fishing for this particular fish is sought after across South Florida. Various tips have been shared to catch this fish. When you find your peacock fish feeding along the surface of the water, you know it’s time to lay your bait and catch hold of this fish. You need to study its surface moments to make sure you catch it in time. You can lay your bait along multiple angles to find your peacock fish. If you have tried certain angles try for some more till you find a group of peacock fish along your bait ready to be caught.

Trolling is an interesting and efficient way to catch hold of bass fish in general. In trolling method generally where various fishing lines are lured through various bait fish that are drawn from the water. In this method you generally have a chance of catching fish without a single point of error. This is the reason for its efficiency.

Some real fine tips that go for every kind of fishing but is mandatory for bass fishing would include going for lightweight gear. Remember fishing is a recreational activity and you need to enjoy it. So why go for heavy gears, which would tire you halfway through the session. Make sure your hooks are sharp enough. Remember quality and sharpness of the hooks is very important when you go fishing. So keep your hook sharpener handy. Make sure you go fishing in the right season. Normally bass fishing a spring activity! If you go fishing in any other season make sure you know the tricks of the trade.

So, secure your seats on the fishing boats in Miami and enjoy this rejuvenating sport called bass fishing.

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