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Backpacking Las Vegas Style

Sin City is not the first place you would consider for hiking trails and postcard worthy beauty spots, but trust me, there is a lot more to Las Vegas than meets the eye! Set in amongst the Nevada Canyons and expansive desert, the blue neon lights of the city can still be seen and enjoyed, but you can also take the time out and take in some of the world’s most infamous canyon trails.

Here are just a couple of the best trails you can enjoy during your holiday to Las Vegas and some great places to visit in the city.

The Mary Jane Falls Trail

Just 45 miles north of the city centre, lies the Mary Jane Falls trail, a moderately strenuous hike with stunning areas of natural beauty and a waterfall that is worth every step you take!

This well travelled trail is perfect for beginners and avid hikers alike, although be prepared for strenuous parts including a two mile uphill assault, scaling 1,000 feet. As this trail is fairly well known do expect to bump into others along the way, so be cautious as some of the trail is extremely narrow.

Part way through your hike you will be able to view Kyle Canyon, a magnificent set of deep ridges and fabulous fauna – definitely a spot for taking some gorgeous photos. If you follow the winding trail through the canyons you will have the chance to visit caves and a stunning waterfall that is worth all the hiking!

Mary Jane Falls trail

The Gass Peak Hike

Gass Peak is the highest peak in the Las Vegas range, with an elevation of 6,943 feet* and is a physically demanding hike. Although anyone can hike this range, it is advisable to be aware that it does involve fairly demanding climbing and steep trails.

The  trail is well marked and if you don’t fancy tackling the whole hike then why not take it half way and enjoy spectacular views and local wildlife. If you do want to get to the summit then, once at the top, you will notice some spectacular views of the dessert wilderness to the north, and the south shows you just how spectacular the city looks!

On the way down you will have the chance to visit a local spring and enjoy soaking your sore feet, if you are lucky enough you may have the chance to see one of the native Longhorn sheep – don’t get too close though!

Gas Peak

Hostel Cat – the place to lay your head

After all the adventure you will need a comfortable and fun place to rest and see the city in the evenings, Hostel Cat is perfectly situated just off the strip and is comfortable and reasonably priced.

The facilities include lockers, internet access, a common room and best of all, organised hikes, BBQ’s and casino nights. I would advise signing up for the evenings events at the hostel, but as it is in a prime Las Vegas location, why not spend an evening at Caesars Palace and enjoy some live dealer games and the fabulously decadent food; you have to explore the city to understand just how special it is!

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