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Hit All of Your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions and Enjoy It?

With each coming year we find ourselves at the threshold of what may be the most positively productive year of our lives.  For this reason it is common to take mental note of certain objectives or milestones that we wish to achieve in the months ahead.  Yes – the New Year’s Resolution. Most of these tasks require discipline and hard work and therefore may remain empty promises and nothing more.  Why not take a different approach in 2013 and address some of the most common resolutions a bit differently than in the previous years?  Travelling is an excellent way to realize some of these goals while doing so in a less stressful environment and experiencing more of what the world has to offer.

The Career Resolution

Especially in these trying economic times, many individuals find themselves at the proverbial crossroads of their career.  Some may even wish to change jobs but lack the perspective to consider their options clearly.  Taking a trip to the sandy Mediterranean beaches of southern Spain can give a restful respite as well as some much-needed objectivity. 


Likewise, only a few hours away lie the Pyrenees mountains.  Both locations can help provide the career-questioning individual the separation and clarity they need to make an objective choice before returning home. Also, should a job change be your target for this year, your trip might reveal some places you’d like to come back to with your vacation allowance!


The Spiritual Resolution

Many will choose to undergo a spiritual transformation in the New Year.  Such a task requires a great deal of emotional commitment as well as the correct frame of mind.  This is the very same reason that thousands have taken pilgrimages across Europe in the years’ past.  With the advent of quick crossings from p and o ferries, trips from the British Isles to the local churches of France, across the picturesque Spanish countryside to the monastery at Montserrat, or further afield, one can find the tranquility and spiritual relationship that may have been lacking in the previous year. 


Not only does this give the ability to be closer to God, but it also allows for personal introspection that may not be possible without a brief change of scenery.

 The Multi culture and Educational Resolution

In these days of modern communication and light-speed internet access it is easy to lose touch with the very human side of the world around us.  Nothing compares to the interpersonal experience of meeting a local Belgian sheep farmer or engaging in local discourse with a few well-educated Parisians at a local café.  The world has indeed become a smaller place and taking a vacation to mainland Europe provides an excellent opportunity to appreciate what other cultures have to offer while reminding us of how special our homes really are.

You can always choose to explore the history and culture of your destination independently, or with a local tour and keep to the local cuisine – or shop and picnic – rather than being drawn in to one of those global food outlets!


Our resolutions come in all forms, yet the underlying theme here is the same.  The unique perspective taking a holiday can provide is frequently impossible to find while in our familiar environments.  Whether one seeks spiritual enlightenment, a change in employment or simply to absorb other cultures, travelling will provide both the insight and the clarity to help these resolutions become a reality. 

And of course, the ever-popular “Travel more” resolution; well that comes for free with all of the above – the trick is to keep them all going when you get home!

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