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Travel with Purpose: Three Great Ways to Volunteer

If you want to see the world and make a difference with your life, there are many traveling volunteer opportunities for you. These programs let you travel all over the world and use your life to help other people. Here are just three of the most well-known ones.

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UNICEF is a volunteer-based organization that works to better children’s lives across the world. Initially it stood for “United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.” The name has been shortened to “United Nations Children’s Fund,” though they keep the same acronym.

The organization works to provide emergency relief during crises. They ensure that in those emergencies children have food, water, shelter, and proper medical care. They also work in long-term improvement of lives, with many programs that focus on education, prevention and treatment for HIV/AIDS, protecting children from abuse and violence, and nutritional interventions.

To participate in Unicef charity worldwide volunteer programs, contact your country’s Fund for UNICEF and express your interest in volunteering.


WWOOF stands for “Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.” It’s a program that works with organic farmers to help them provide organic products. You have a chance to travel throughout the world and work with organic farmers in exchange for room and board.

Volunteers stay with host families, helping them around the farm for a set number of hours each day. In return, they are fed and sheltered and get to learn a great deal about how to live an organically sound life. The length of each stay can vary, so you can stay in the same place for years or choose to move on after a week.

Peace Corps

The work a Peace Corps volunteer does will vary greatly based on the need of the host country. Nearly all involve some sort of volunteer work with education, community development, health, agriculture, and technology, along with many other categories of volunteer opportunities.

If you choose to join the Peace Corps, know that the minimum requirement of time to serve is 27 months, so be very sure it is something you want to do. However, those who choose this path find it incredibly rewarding. There are even additional benefits to joining, such as medical coverage and possible student loan assistance.

Now that you have an idea of some of the available programs, you can start making some decisions. If any of these sound like something you’d be interested in pursuing, contact them today about applying to the program.


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