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Backpacking Safety Tips for Those Travelling Overseas

Planning trips abroad come with excitement and a lot of planning to make the perfect itinerary. It means a lot of phone calls to book those amazing villas and to hook all those friends that you want to tag along in your perfect vacation. From college trips to studying abroad or golf vacations with your office colleagues or hitting the road for a couple of weeks going to a foreign country means being aware and careful of certain safety aspects as a traveller. If you are backpacking and going along without any particular plan in your head, just wanting to experience a new place for the feel of it or whether you are one of those travellers who spend hours planning that one trip, there are some pointers to always keep in mind:


1. Have a sturdy backpack:

Make sure you invest in a good quality backpack. It should be spacious and should fit your lower back perfectly to meet your body’s comfort in weight and volume. Do not invest in something only because you are getting in for a great price, also check on the durability and if possible ask for a warranty card from the company.

2.  Get a Good Lock:

It may sound very basic but investing a good quality lock goes a long way in making a trip safe and sound. It should be something that isn’t too fancy to operate and at the same time guarantees a good amount of security.

3.  Know the baggage requirements:

In certain countries like the USA there are very strict baggage check rules. They allow only a certain type of lock on your backpacks and if it does not match the ones that they stand by they will ask you to open your baggage to check on the contents. Hence make sure to study the specific baggage requirements of the country you are planning to visit.

4. Secure your backpack with a chain:

A good strong metal chain can be wrapped around your backpack quite easily with a lock if you have to leave your baggage for some time. It can have its own locking system with a combination lock ensuring maximum safety.

5. Have an Address Tag:

In case of your baggage getting lost or being delayed due to change in flights, have your address posted on it is a safe way to ensure that it gets returned you as soon as possible either by the flight personnel or someone else who has come across it.

6.  Check the Destination tag:

Make sure that after you check in, the luggage staffs has given you the correct destination tag with your flight’s code number along with your seat number and name attached. This will prevent your luggage from getting lost or misplaced.

7.  Do not carry anything illegal:

Be sure to avoid carrying anything that is against the protocols of your host country’s immigration standards. Also, do not carry more than the weight prescribed. Duty- free shopping is the best way to ensure that nothing unwanted has been kept in your backpack.

8.  Keep your Travel Insurance in Handy:

Do not place your travel insurance in your main backpack. Keep it along with your other travel documents and passport in your handbag or carry bag, since in a case of loss of luggage or contents, you can place a complaint immediately and demand fast action.

Travel safe and travel light. Ensure your safety with these few tips that can be very essential guides in making your trip a great experience that gives your happy and lasting memories.

Bio: Michelle Ro is a travel agent that plans golf vacations in the UAE, safari trips in Africa and organizes river rafting races in Canada. He loves his job and is always backpacking to a new country anytime he gets the chance.

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