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The Venice of America: 5 things you didn’t know

Situated 37 kilometers north of Miami and 68Km south of Palm Beach is the city of Fort Lauderdale, on the southeast coast of Florida. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and with a maze of inland navigable waterways, the city is known as the Venice of America. You might know of Fort Lauderdale as a popular tourist destination with its semi-tropical climate and pleasant surroundings, but here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about the city. They may make you consider it to be more than just a beach holiday hideout.

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  1. 1.     Where its popularity came from

In the 1960s the popular teenage comedy film “where the boys are” was set in the city. This lead to an influx of at least 50,000 young fans looking to see the where the film was shot for themselves. This created America´s first spring break destination where thousands of students would visit every year for sun, sea and nightlife. However, post the 1980s the upscale hotels and luxury shops came to the forefront and the area now attracts 10 million guests every year to a more up-market beach chic atmosphere and facilities.

  1. 2.     Its history

Since 1911 when Fort Lauderdale was first officially declared as a city, it has grown by 75%, making it the fastest growing city in the state. During the real estate boom in the 1920s the beach was recognized as a tourist asset, Port Everglades opened and construction continued. Even through the following difficult decades of war, depression and environment disasters, development managed to continue. The marinas opened and oceanfront properties followed until the modern tourist center of today became established, full of eateries, shops and hotels.

  1. 3.     Entertainment

In the historic downtown district of Fort Lauderdale near the new river is the Riverwalk Arts and Entertainments District. Along the lane, the city´s (and some of the state´s) best cultural attractions can be found including Broward Center for Performing Arts, the Museum of Discovery and Science, Florida Grand Opera and the Bonnet House Museum. Shops, restaurants, bars and clubs make the area a must for those seeking a sunshine filled cultural affair.

  1. 4.     Educational opportunities

Fort Lauderdale´s quality of life, pleasant climate, arts and culture scene and employment opportunities in sectors such as real estate and film and television production attract students from all over the USA and the world to study in the city. The City’s downtown district houses Broward Community College, Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University. The city also attracts those looking for English language schools  as the area provides quality tuition and cultural experiences. Attending an English school in Fort Lauderdale gives students the opportunity to enjoy all that the coastal city has to offer in place where English is natively spoken.

  1. 5.     Port Everglades, Greater Fort Lauderdale

Port Everglades is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, the biggest container port in Florida and one of the most active and diverse cargo seaports in the USA. Receiving essential suppliers of gasoline and fuel, it is important to the area’s economic activity, providing and impacting the jobs of thousands of locals.

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