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Destination USA: Tourist favourites

The United States is a very diverse country in terms of sights. Any first time traveller would easily be flummoxed at the mind boggling choices. There are the glitzy cities, the barren deserts, the snowy mountains and the red rocks. What are some of the tourist favourites in the States? Read on to find out some of the hubs which are frequented by both domestic and international tourists.

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New York City

In popular culture, many have referred to New York as the greatest city on earth. This is one of the top US destinations worldwide. The skyline is chock-a-bloc with some of the greatest icons of USA, icons that have become legendary worldwide. There is the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building and so many other places to go. One of the most crowded places is the iconic Times Square. Popularly called the ‘Crossroads of the world’, this Manhattan hub seems millions of tourists annually.


As the popular Madonna track goes, “Everybody wants to go to Hollywood”. Looking at the tourist footfall, it sure seems that way. Whether its celebrity spotting that excites you, or lounging on the famous LA beaches, it is all there in the city of angels. Take a tour through Beverly Hills, sunbathe at Malibu or go shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Washington, DC

After all, how can a visit to a country be complete without a trip to the Capital itself? Again, DC is a place where you get to see some of the most iconic landmarks and monuments that you have already seen in the media so many times. Go through the 1,000 acres of the National Mall as well as the Memorial Parks. Look at the Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. Don’t forget to visit the memorials for the Vietnam War vets. The best part is that most of these museums and memorials are free of charge. At the end, wrap up your trip with a visit the renowned museums of the Smithsonian. Be forewarned, there are 19 of them!

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

In Florida, the Magic Kingdom is the biggest tourist draw. It is closely followed by the Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Go on unforgettable rides aboard the Big Thunder Mountain railroad and also the Country Bear Jamboree.

Las Vegas

Haven’t you heard the famous one liner, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” so many times in the movies? Called an oasis in the desert, Las Vegas is not only for the casinos. If you have money to spare, go try your luck at one of the numerous casinos.  Don’t forget to tour the glitzy city for shows, shopping and some top class eating places. There is a reason why it’s called the Neon Trail.

Niagara Falls

Right on the border between the States and Canada, the Niagara Falls has been a top tourist draw for a very long time. There are different ways to view those phenomenal falls including by boat, observation tours and also through hiking, for those who are up for it. The Falls see millions of visitors every year.


If you want to get away from it all, then what better place than Hawaii? Again, a top order destination for tourists, this place is paradise. From the scenic beauty to the looming volcanoes, what could be better as an ideal holiday destination? Also, do take time out to find out and witness some of the rich South Pacific culture and traditions of this place.

These are only some of the top choices while visiting the United States. There is so much to see and so many places to go.

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