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Canada Once Had A Team In The World Cup

So the world cup has started and already fans are going crazy. Well I am already one of them and the games are so intense that sometimes I feel I am among the crowds at the stadium. Even those I am Canadian I do have my favorite team. But imagine if Canada had its own team. It has been 24 years since Canada’s last appearance to make it in the world cup. The year that Canada did make it to the world cup, more than half of the starting line-up is now recognized in the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. Many of those players back then were born in B.C and came from provincial leagues. They were under-dogs, and no one ever predicted Canada to even make it through to the World Cup in Mexico that year. The Canadian fans even thought it was a joke to know that Canada even had a team, but they had no idea that the team was actually good. Once Canada played its first match against France and only lost 1-0, the public was astonished to see how much the Canadians hold back the French. The two remaining games were against Russia and Hungary. Even though they lost every game, Canada was just proud to know that our team made it to the world cup. So why haven’t we ever made it back to the world cup? Even though our nation is a hockey nation, we still have some pretty amazing soccer players, so why can’t we ever make it???? That has been the question for the last 24 years.

So who are the favorites to win this World Cup? Well it is known to be Spain or Brazil!! Although the other favorites are known to be Argentina because they have the best known player on their team, Lionel Messi and coach Diego Maradona, England because of Rooney, and Portugal because of Cristiano Ronaldo.
So who do you think will win this 2010 WORLD CUP?!

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  • Craig

    Those damn horns are screwing up the players’ concentration.. look at Spain or how Brazil had a tough time against North Korea!

    But the Dutch will prevail!

    (Although, seeing how things have been going, it wouldn’t be too much of a shocker to see something like Slovenia or Uruguay to grab the Copa Mundial.)

    • naradb

      So true! The buzzing sounds/horns are driving everyone crazy! The shocker was the swiss winning against Spain! Would have never guessed!! Also you see that Chile scored their first goal during the World Cup in 48 years! Crazy! This is going to be a good World Cup!!!

    • Tanya

      I’m sure the vuvuzela’s were part of South Africa’s plan! Anyhow, Argentina is winning today :)
      Not sure about the Dutch! They are indeed a strong team but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want them to win! :) I hope Brazil play a little better on their next game. I was disappointed on their last performance.


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