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Flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport, Booked!!!

Today is a special day! After two weeks of pure procrastination, I booked my flight! I began searching for flights a few weeks back and found one itinerary that I liked for a good price. Now, good price when flying Montreal-Kilimanjaro doesn’t mean exactly cheap but let’s just say it was the most affordable option. I’ve never really been a procrastinator when it comes to booking travel until it was time to book this trip. I must admit that I am a little worried! What if I don’t make it to the summit? Or what if  a lion eats me? I’m kidding about the lion but I’m actually scared about not making it up to the summit which would be a huge disappointment! But… I need to stay positive, right? I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!


After much debate on whether I should spend the extra money to visit Zanzibar, I decided to go through with it! When will I ever go back to Tanzania? Who knows? So that’s when I decided that I was indeed going to visit Zanzibar, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!!

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So how will I be spending the Holidays this year? Check it out my itinerary!

  1. My flight Montreal-Kilimanjaro is on Dec 16th in the evening. Arrival to Kilimanjaro International Airport on Friday Dec 17th. I’ll have to transfer to Moshi, the town where my hike begins from.
  2. I have 3 full days in Moshi (Dec 18-20) to relax, explore the town and get acclimatized.  I had fever last year before leaving for my Brazilian adventure in the Amazon so I rather pay the extra $$ to relax and get over any colds I may catch between now and then.
  3. My 7-day and 5,893 m (or 19,334 ft) hike to Kilimanjaro summit begins on Tue Dec 21. I hope you’ll be thinking about me because I may be freaking out! I’ll be spending Christmas on the mountain. How cool is that?!
  4. After an exhausting hike, my 5-day safari to the Serengeti will begin on Tue Dec 28th. I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve in the Serengeti surround by wild animals! Very random and fun!
  5. Following a difficult hike and a fun safari, it’ll be time to relax and enjoy Africa! I’ll be heading to Zanzibar on Jan 2 to explore pristine beaches and enjoy my last 4 days on the continent.

Having scary but exciting feelings is confusing! It’s probably one of the most challenging things on my list of things to do before I die. I’m obviously looking forward to it but with some reserve I guess. Let’s see how things work out for me… Keep you posted with my planning :)

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